Commission Autopilot Review

Commission Autopilot Review

Commission Autopilot is a new system recently released by veteran Internet marketer Paul Ponna. Although his marketing strategy and concepts are not entirely new, his system does put an interesting twist on those techniques. If you are looking for an honest and unbiased Commission Autopilot review, then you have come to the right place. I plan to go into great detail, covering both the good and bad points of this latest product to hit the market.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a review, though. If you are looking for the official Commission Autopilot website then CLICK HERE.

What is Commission Autopilot?

After purchasing Commission Autopilot, I was taken to the members area and presented with the meat of the product – two pieces of marketing software. The two programs are called the “Commission Activator” and the “Commission Multiplier”. Each piece of software is divided into its own section and contains numerous video tutorials on both how to use each piece of software and tutorials on how to succeed in Internet marketing in general.

First, let’s look at the Commission Activator program:

commission autopilot

Once you open Commission Autopilot’s “Commission Activator” software, you will be presented with an easy to use keyword search box. Simply enter your niche or root keyword (just as you would in any keyword research tool) and Commission Activator scours the Internet in search of relevant PLR (“Private Label Rights”) content. This is simply public documents, eBooks, etc., that you are free to reproduce or sell as your own product. Once Commission Activator locates relevant PLR documents, the software automatically scans the content and inserts clickable affiliate links with your Clickbank hoplink ID. The software then saves the PLR content with your hoplinks included. In other words, the software has searched the Internet for a relevant eBook related to your root keyword, populated that eBook with YOUR affiliate links, and then saved the eBook as if you were the original creator.

Now, you might be thinking, “If that is all it does, then how will I make any money?” Well, that is where the Commission Multiplier software comes in.

So, let’s take a look at Commission Multiplier:

commission autopilot review

Commission Autopilot’s Commission Multiplier takes the eBooks, PDF files, or other PLR content containing your affiliate links from Commission Activator, and then the software automatically distributes that content to content distribution websites. These websites are considered highly authoritative and trusted by Google. Not only that, but the software also has a feature that works in the background to built backlinks to your content to help boost their popularity. In other words, Commission Autopilot gets your PLR content containing your affiliate links to customers searching for information related to your niche.

Commission Autopilot Review – Good and Bad Points

So now that you know what Commission Autopilot is all about, let’s take a look at the good and bad points of the system.

First, the bad points:

  • Although there is a vast amount of PLR content on the Internet, you may have difficulty finding just the right eBook if you are searching for an obscure niche or keyword phrase.
  • While Commission Multiplier does a good job of distributing your content, do not expect to reach thousands of visitors per PLR article you distribute.

OK, now the good points:

  • Commission Autopilot does work and simplifies a time-tested and proven technique. Rather than having to spend hours manually searching for and editing PLR content, the software does it automatically.
  • Commission Autopilot is affordable and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not make any money within your first 60 days, simply request a refund.
  • Commission Autopilot allows you to get approximately a few hundred viewers of your PLR content per submission, so you should make some money per PLR article you submit for distribution.
  • Commission Autopilot support is excellent, and they seem committed to helping others succeed in Internet marketing.


My conclusion as part of my Commission Autopilot review is that it is a quality product that works… to an extent. You will not make millions of dollars overnight with this system, but you should make a fairly respectable amount of money if you implement the software as part of your overall marketing business plan. PLR content is a valuable component to Internet marketing, but it should be treated as just one facet of your overall strategy. Continue to pursue other marketing strategies discussed here at such as niche marketing and eCommerce, but definitely keep PLR marketing in mind.

So, my final verdict on this product is that it does work and I recommend you check it out. Implement it in your marketing business, and if it does not make you money within 60 days, simply request a refund. Results will vary, but with a money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Thanks for reading, and I hope you found my Commission Autopilot review helpful.


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